5 Reasons To Own a Wooden Watch

5 Reasons To Own a Wooden Watch

Posted by Joshua Bradley on 28th Jun 2021

Why should you consider wearing a wooden watch at all? The answer to that question will be different for everyone. It could be uniqueness, sustainability, lightweight, different styles or various other reasons. However, if you need help in finding a reason to own and wear a wooden watch consider the following 5.

1. Unique.

There is not even a 0.1% chance that both watches are going to be the same. The main factor in this is nature. Wood is a natural material with a lot of variables depending on how the tree grows and matures. This affects the shape, the colour, texture, and depth of interwoven rings. Because of this, the cut of the wood is going to be completely different no matter what and therefore your end product will be entirely unique.

2. Lightweight.

This is an unusual feature as mainstream watches lack this dedicated feature because they are made up of materials that add weight. However, wood is a naturally lightweight material, therefore your new wooden watch won’t feel like a burden when you strap it up on your wrists.

 3. Eco.

Wood is a beautiful material that is very sustainable if you follow the plant, use, repeat pattern. Most companies that sell wooden products plant replacement trees, use recycled wood, or do both. In other words, no harm is done to the environment in the production of these watches that makes them an environmentally friendly option. This is what makes this whole idea more tempting and pleasing, to know that you are doing much more than just wearing a classic wooden watch on your wrist.

4. Timeless.

Please forgive the pun, but it is true nonetheless. Over time wear and tear happens to everything we own. This means our possessions no longer look as new as we remember and their quality will deteriorate. However, this isn’t the case with wooden watches, if you keep on wearing these watches the wood will get better with age and new patterns of beautification will start to appear giving a timeless look. Sorry again.

5. Gift.

If you personally don't have a reason to own a wooden watch, don't worry. They make great gifts! If you haven't been able to decide on a gift for your best friend for a special occasion, look no further. Wooden watches are great gifting accessories as they are unique, crafted with utmost care, and their glossy finished look and aesthetic natural wood beauty can’t be ignored.

Wooden watches are unique, lightweight, eco, timeless, and the perfect gift for a loved one. Why not try a wooden watch today, you wont regret it.

Alex, Liam, Josh.

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